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Hi, I’m Jessica!

Dancing the Alphabet - one star light blue

I am a former internationally ranked professional dancer and have danced in every major opera house around the world including Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong Arts Center and more.

I was lucky to dance in an innovative company where we explored conceptual movement ideas with our brains and our bodies. My 10 years in the company was a lab where I discovered how movement could be used to think. 

I then went on to pursue a Master’s degree studying what makes an experience transformative. 

When I started working in preschools, I was immediately struck with how little children moved. Sometimes they’d stand for a song or two, but they’d be expected to sit back down for the lesson. I got right to work helping them incorporate movement into their curriculum.  

I developed exercises such as writing practice using body parts, imagining how a marshmallow melts by the campfire, changing the speed of our mixing machine moves, and so much more. The Dancing the Alphabet method was born after teaching over 1,500 preschool classes in five years.  

Currently the curriculum is only offered through online classes for children ages 4-6. It is a narrow window in which I can make a huge impact on your child’s development.


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